How to Win With Successful Lead Generation for Roofers!

Lead generation for roofers is an essential marketing strategy that attracts interested consumers and turns them into new customers.

It is not a difficult lead generation strategy for roofers to implement, but there is a lot to know about it.

Read this brief explanation of lead generation marketing for roofers as a precursor to implementing these practices to understand how they work and can help any roofing contractor get more customers! 

What Are the Different Types of Leads?

Before putting any lead generation strategy for roofers into effect, it is important to understand the different types of leads, as each one requires a different approach.

Exclusive leads are the most valuable, as they are potential customers that have not yet had contact with any business competitor.

They are also easier to convert than shared leads, which are those that roofing services can buy from lead brokers.

Within the category of exclusive leads, there are also B2C or business to customer residential leads and B2B or business to business commercial leads, the former being easier to gather using effective lead generation for roofers and the latter being more challenging since business owners tend to already have many commercial contacts. 

What Are Some Techniques to Use?

How does any contractor then implement lead generation strategies for roofers that bring in more exclusive leads? Using many of these effective techniques: 

  • SEO for Organic Search - A user-friendly, optimized website is a must for lead generation marketing for roofers to be effective and attract customers. 
  • Email Marketing - Collecting email addresses through lead generation for roofers is an effective way to build a mailing list that can be marketed over and over again and keep a contractor’s name memorable. 
  • Search Engine and Social Media Marketing - Paid ads on Google or on social media can attract leads in various ways, from simply increasing business exposure to creating engagement among potential customers. 
  • YouTube Marketing - Video ads and informative videos are another method of lead generation for roofers that can increase awareness and interest as well as convince consumers to click a link to get more information or sign up for a mailing list. 
  • Google Map and Business Directory - Getting on the Google map is one of the best lead generation strategies for roofers, as this is where most people start looking for local contractors. By claiming and filling out the company’s business directory, then working on SEO and other marketing strategies to get in the Map Pack, contractors stand to gain the most exclusive leads. 

In Summary

Successful lead generation marketing for roofers is essential for building a local roofing business, lead by lead.

Roofers interested in learning how they can attract and convert more leads should seek marketing services that can help them do it!