Roofers – You Have Got to Answer Your Phones to Generate Sales!

Roofing contractors are busy people, there is no doubt of that.

Regardless, there are certain things that every roofer must do when attempting to generate leads and bring in more sales.

What is at the top of that list?

Ironically enough, it is answering the phone!

Research suggests that most of the leads lost by roofing companies end up going to other roofers because - they answered their phones!

Lead Generation for Roofers is Simple!

Want to stop losing leads and get more from that lead generation and online marketing budget?

These simple tips will help roofers make sure that they convert more incoming leads rather than continuing to lose business to competitors that are ready once the phone rings!

  • Answer The Phone When It Rings - Not tomorrow and not in an hour - roofers or their office staff should answer their phones immediately when they ring to start the communication with that incoming lead. Wherever it originated from, whether that is a Facebook ad, a business directory listing, or from the website, when someone who is a potential lead calls, it is because they have an immediate need. Letting them go to voicemail creates disappointment in the caller, increasing the chance that they will call another roofer in the meantime. A delayed call back frequently leads to learning that someone else has listened to that lead and already gotten that customer’s business and why? Because they answered the phone. 
  • Be Confident and Knowledgeable - The person speaking with customers on incoming calls should be well trained in the services offered so they can discuss the customer’s needs intelligently with them. They should sound confident to give any potential lead a sense of authority so they know they have called the right roofing contractor. 
  • Listen Actively and Sympathetically - Let the caller know that they are important and that their problem matters. Use active listening without interruption and repeat the main point that they are explaining to fully understand the caller’s needs and what they are hoping for, 
  • Offer Solutions - Avoid saying ‘no’ to anything and instead find ways to somehow solve the caller’s problem by offering appropriate solutions and choices for them to consider. The more that an incoming lead feels heard and that they can get a successful solution to their problem, the greater the chance of getting their work.
  • Ask For The Sale - Don’t forget to actually ask for the sale after listening and offering some solutions. At the very least, try to set up an appointment for an estimate as soon as possible.  
  • Follow-Up - For calls that do not lead to an appointment, make a follow-up call to see where the caller is on making a decision. Follow-up emails should also be sent to acknowledge the caller and confirm any appointments that are set up or to simply remind them of their call and the things that were discussed. These can later be used to re-market the same caller if they have not committed to having their roofing work done. 

Get More Leads!

The fastest way for any roofer to lose an incoming lead is to not answer their call when it comes in.

Alternatively by answering that call, the chance of making a sale increases exponentially.

When roofers make sure there is someone that can talk to incoming callers when they call, their work schedules fill up!